Miniature Demo At WonderFest 2017

I will be presenting a demo/lecture on the basics of miniature painting at WonderFest.  They have excellent projection screens and video, so everyone can get a good view of the demo without having to get our of their chairs!  This is tentatively scheduled for 3-4pm on Saturday, the final confirmed time will be in the pocket guide and demo schedule at the convention. 

I am also sponsoring a “Best Miniature” award for WonderFest’s Amazing Modeling Contest.  This will consist of a beautiful trophy as well as $150.00 in awesome Morland Studios kits.  If you are attending, bring those minatures and place them in the contest!

Additionally, I am sponsoring a “Best Little Hottie” (best small scale entry) award for the Naked Resin Attack after hours modeling contest. 

More info on WonderFest can be found here:

JerseyFest 2015

I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never!   As always, JerseyFest was an incredible amount of fun and had a ton of things to do.

Friday had a LOT of all day classes.  Including a sculpting class from Jordu Schell and Mike Rotella, a  London After Midnight small bust painting class taught by Jim Capone, a Blackheart Models lifesize bust painting class taught by Steve Park, Ken Schlorfeld and George Stephenson and a Star Trek Enterprise building, painting and lighting class taught by Mark Myers.  Friday evening also had classes.  A Godzilla figure painting class taught by Jon LeGrand and a miniature figure painting class sponsored by Morland Studios and taught by me.

There was a large vendor hall and a lot of demos and presentations going on throughout the rest of the weekend.  Topics ranged from painting, sculpting, hardware and about experiences on various movies and tv shows.

For me, one of the best highlights of JerseyFest is a VERY large modeling contest and displays they have every year.  They also welcome the various aspects of the modeling hobby from miniatures to garage kits equally.  If you do not want to compete in the contest, they also allow you to bring your models, show them off and not have them included in judging.  I wasn’t competing but could still show off my models, so I think that this is an awesome option to have.

I took a lot of pictures, and there is no way they would even come close to fitting in this post, so here is a link to the gallery.   I regret that I missed a big section of the contest as apparently my phone lies about storing pictures when the battery is low.  But, I still got a lot of pictures of the classes, vendors hall and contest entries!






WonderFest 2015

As always, WonderFest was a wonderful time!

The modeling contest had loads of entries this year and I managed to snag some photos this year too.  Apologies as I wasn’t able to get up close shots of everything due to not having that much free time to spend in the contest room.  All of the pictures that I took have been added to a the WonderFest Amazing Modeling Contest 2015 gallery here.



My entries placed in the following:

Olesya Best Girlie Girl Trophy in the Naked Resin Attack


Spring  Gold in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a gold spring

Ariel, Mermaid  Silver in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a silver mermaid

Stella, Silver in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A silver stella

Bubo from Clash of the Titans (Owl Automation) Bronze in  Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze bubo

Lagertha, Shieldmaiden Bronze in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze lagertha

Oktoberfest Maiden Bronze in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze oct maiden

The Sorceress with Tapestry Bronze in Sci/Fi Fantasy

a bronze sorceress

Dark Phoenix Bronze in Super Heroes/Villians

 a bronze phoenix

2013 Conventions & Modeling Contests

Since it is the start of a new year, I thought I’d mention some of the more memorable Conventions and Modeling Contests that I attended last year.

In September I attended JerseyFest.   This convention was AWESOME.  Lots of friendly folks, lots of great classes and seminars.  All of the artists attending shared tips and tricks and were all around friendly people.   I also did a demo on small scale miniature painting.

This is a show well worth attending!  Next year’s dates are set for August 1st through August 3rd.  If you want to know more about their show, or info for next years show, you can find out more here:

From the JerseyFest contest the result of my entries were:

JF Best Figure 2nd

Best Figure – 2nd Place for Hocus Pocus

JF Best Female FIgure

Best Female Figure for my Sophie Trophy.

Gold for my Sophie Trophy

Gold for my Bourbon Sophie

Gold for Melisandre


Silver for Hocus Pocus

Silver for my Daisy Fairy

Silver for Mordred


Bronze for my Dark Maiden

Bronze for my Predator Bust


In May, I attended Wonderfest.    This convention is always fun to attend and focuses primarily on garage kits, horror and larger scale model kits.

The wonderfest web site is here:

I received:

WF Best Steampunk

Best Steampunk, Steampunk Tinkerbell.  This specialty award was sponsored by Aperture 360s and was a wonderfully well done hand-made trophy.  It even has moving gears!

WF Silver


Silver in the Fantasy Category, Anastasia

Silver in the Horror Figures Category, Jahenna


WF Bronze

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Cersei & Her Ladies

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Hannah

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Odila with Freehand Base

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Odila with Ruins

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Lady Geneve with Arch

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Hocus Pocus

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Melisandre

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,  Mardi Gras Sophie

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,Seraphine Le Roux

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,Titan Master

Merit in the Fantasy Category, Mordred

Merit in the Humor & Super Deformed, Order of the Stick Belkar Bitterleaf


I will be demoing various painting techniques at JerseyFest on Friday, September 13th and then demoing for the rest of the weekend out of the Morland Studios vendor booth.

I will also be judging the Morland Studios sponsored award, “Best Fictional Miniature” in the Modeling Contest. This award has a cash prize of $100.00 for first place, $50.00 for 2nd, and $50.00 for 3rd place. The size restriction is 15mm to 120mm and can be either a figure, bust or vehicle.

More info on JerseyFest can be found here:


Maya JF

2012 Conventions & Modeling Contests

I am very late in posting this, but better late than never.  These are the more memorable conventions and modeling/painting contests that I attended in  2012.

On May 4th-5th, I attended the 2012 Gulf Coast Model and Figure Expo and ran a demo class on Saturday.   The show started Friday with a bad movie night (think Mystery Science Theater 2k!)  followed by a full Saturday of  seminars, vendors and, of course, their painting contest.   This convention was a lot of fun to attend and had a fairly large turnout for their show and painting contest.

From the contest, the results of my entries were:

Best Fantasy Subject, Beauty & The Bot

Best Gaming Miniature

Silver, Zeus & Periphas

Silver, Spy vs Spy Frogs

Silver, My entire gaming entry display


Also in May, I attended Wonderfest and had a blast.   If you don’t know what Wonderfest is, it is, as they say, “THE annual expo for model and toy collectors of s-f,  horror & comics subjects–especially plastic kits & garage kits”.   There is a ton of things to do from demos, lectures, vendors, The Amazing Model Contest, movies, after hours events, and much more.  It’s a must see show if you are into larger kits and builds.

I took six models and entered the Amazing Model Contest:

Gold in the Fantasy Category, Zeus & Periphas

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Sophie Trophy 

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Dark Maiden

Merit in the Humor Category, “My Hero”


In November I attended Gatorcon, which was well run and loads of fun.

 I ended up with 7 first places, 2 second places, 6 third places and Best Figure.

Some of the notable figures were:

Best Figure & 1st place in Fantasy under 74mm Category, Raccoon Thief

1st place in the Bust Category, Alien Bust

1st place in the Fantasy over 74mm Category, Dark Maiden

1st place in the Wargaming Non-Human Category, Phoenix

1st place in the Wargaming Human Category, Manhunter

1st place in the Vignette Category, Spy vs Spy Frogs

2nd place in the Wargaming Non-human Category, Dryad

2nd place in the Fantasy under 74mm Category, Melisandre

3rd place in the Wargaming Human Category, Anushka

3rd place in the Wargaming Non-Human Category, Gauntfield Scarecrow

3rd place in the Fantasy under 74mm Category, Tinkerbell

3rd place in the Historical over 74mm Category, Zeus & Periphas

3rd place in the Diorama Category, Basti Bath

3rd place in the Bust Category, Kiggins Bust