Wet T-Shirt Sheer Tutorial from Portal Magazine

For those that missed Portal’s issue 21, here is a copy of the article.



This is a step-by-step article on how I painted Summer from Hasslefree miniatures.

I am assuming that anyone reading this article knows how to prepare, prime and base a miniature so I will not be covering any of that here.  All paints are Reaper Master Series paints unless otherwise stated.

I’ve prepared, primed and based Summer.  As I prepare and base a figure, I plan out what I want to do to it.  For this figure I will be doing a sweaty sheer pattern for her clothes, blue pom poms and white uniform and shoes.

Skintone and faces are the first thing I start on with any miniature.   Here I have base-coated the exposed skin areas with a mixture Dark Highlight and Fair Shadow.  Blocking in the exposed skin gives me a more focused look at the clothes and helps to decide how I want to layer up the sheer.

For Summer I will be doing a wet T-shirt/sweaty sheer as it is the wet fabric pattern that best fits how sheer would look on a cheerleader.

I find it easier to blend sheer if I block in the areas of cloth that will be sheer with my skintones.

After I finish the basecoat of skin, I start work on what I consider to be the life of any miniature, the face, and most importantly in the face, the eyes.  If the eyes look bad, then the entire miniature will look bad and so I always do them first.   here I have blocked in the eye with white.

Now I add in the eye color, in this case, Leaf Green

Next is the pupils and lining of the eyes.  I used Grey Liner rather than a pure black.

When I’m happy with the eyes I add a white “hot spot” to give them added life and direction.

At this point I touch up any part of the internal eyes that need it.  If the lining is too dark at the top of the eyes or uneven at any point I don’t worry about it at this stage as it gets corrected when I add in eyeshadow and finish the rest of the face.

Next is the skin shadows.  I used a mix of Dark Elf Shadow, Dark Highlight and Fair Shadow.   After I blocked in the shadows, I added some Blushing Rose to the mix to give the cheeks some color.   I used a combo mix of Soft Blue and Grey Liner for the eyeshadow’s shadow then added Snow Shadow for the midtone and pure Snows Shadow for the eyeshadow highlight.   For the mouth I used a combo of clotted red and bloodstained red.    I darkline the areas next to the clothes with my skin shadow mix.

I started layering in the sheer with a very, very thin wash of a combo of Weathered Stone, White and a tiny bit of my base skin tone.  I started with a light wash over everything, then built up the more opaque areas of the cloth.  Since wet fabric sheer is very blocky, those sections of sheer needed just a very light wash of color, followed by building up to opaque areas like the bunched fabric between the breasts.

Next I added in some shadows with Weathered Stone and Highlights of Pure White.  I also base-coated the pom poms, socks and shoes with the Weathered Stone.

I added the blue to the pom poms, stripes on socks, hair scrunchies and the blue strips on the shoes with Brilliant Blue, Sky Blue and Ghost White.

I added the white sections of the pom poms, shoes and socks with a combo of Grey Liner mixed with Weathered Stone for shadows, Weathered Stone for the base-coat and Ghost White and White as highlights.

I decided to go with a bleached blonde look to compliment the white sheer.  For the shadow, I used Bone Shadow, Creamy Ivory for the base-coat and Linen White layered up to White for highlights.  I also didn’t like how the shoes and socks looked to the camera so I added more white highlights.   At this point I also black rim the bases.

The last step to blackline the miniature.  For Summer I used her skin shadow mix as a liner.  After she was dull coated, I flocked her and she’s done!