2013 Conventions & Modeling Contests

Since it is the start of a new year, I thought I’d mention some of the more memorable Conventions and Modeling Contests that I attended last year.

In September I attended JerseyFest.   This convention was AWESOME.  Lots of friendly folks, lots of great classes and seminars.  All of the artists attending shared tips and tricks and were all around friendly people.   I also did a demo on small scale miniature painting.

This is a show well worth attending!  Next year’s dates are set for August 1st through August 3rd.  If you want to know more about their show, or info for next years show, you can find out more here:


From the JerseyFest contest the result of my entries were:

JF Best Figure 2nd

Best Figure – 2nd Place for Hocus Pocus

JF Best Female FIgure

Best Female Figure for my Sophie Trophy.

Gold for my Sophie Trophy

Gold for my Bourbon Sophie

Gold for Melisandre


Silver for Hocus Pocus

Silver for my Daisy Fairy

Silver for Mordred


Bronze for my Dark Maiden

Bronze for my Predator Bust


In May, I attended Wonderfest.    This convention is always fun to attend and focuses primarily on garage kits, horror and larger scale model kits.

The wonderfest web site is here:


I received:

WF Best Steampunk

Best Steampunk, Steampunk Tinkerbell.  This specialty award was sponsored by Aperture 360s and was a wonderfully well done hand-made trophy.  It even has moving gears!

WF Silver


Silver in the Fantasy Category, Anastasia

Silver in the Horror Figures Category, Jahenna


WF Bronze

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Cersei & Her Ladies

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Hannah

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Odila with Freehand Base

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Odila with Ruins

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Lady Geneve with Arch

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Hocus Pocus

Bronze in the Fantasy Category, Melisandre

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,  Mardi Gras Sophie

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,Seraphine Le Roux

Bronze in the Fantasy Category,Titan Master

Merit in the Fantasy Category, Mordred

Merit in the Humor & Super Deformed, Order of the Stick Belkar Bitterleaf