WonderFest 2015

As always, WonderFest was a wonderful time!

The modeling contest had loads of entries this year and I managed to snag some photos this year too.  Apologies as I wasn’t able to get up close shots of everything due to not having that much free time to spend in the contest room.  All of the pictures that I took have been added to a the WonderFest Amazing Modeling Contest 2015 gallery here.



My entries placed in the following:

Olesya Best Girlie Girl Trophy in the Naked Resin Attack


Spring  Gold in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a gold spring

Ariel, Mermaid  Silver in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a silver mermaid

Stella, Silver in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A silver stella

Bubo from Clash of the Titans (Owl Automation) Bronze in  Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze bubo

Lagertha, Shieldmaiden Bronze in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze lagertha

Oktoberfest Maiden Bronze in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

a bronze oct maiden

The Sorceress with Tapestry Bronze in Sci/Fi Fantasy

a bronze sorceress

Dark Phoenix Bronze in Super Heroes/Villians

 a bronze phoenix