JerseyFest 2015

I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never!   As always, JerseyFest was an incredible amount of fun and had a ton of things to do.

Friday had a LOT of all day classes.  Including a sculpting class from Jordu Schell and Mike Rotella, a  London After Midnight small bust painting class taught by Jim Capone, a Blackheart Models lifesize bust painting class taught by Steve Park, Ken Schlorfeld and George Stephenson and a Star Trek Enterprise building, painting and lighting class taught by Mark Myers.  Friday evening also had classes.  A Godzilla figure painting class taught by Jon LeGrand and a miniature figure painting class sponsored by Morland Studios and taught by me.

There was a large vendor hall and a lot of demos and presentations going on throughout the rest of the weekend.  Topics ranged from painting, sculpting, hardware and about experiences on various movies and tv shows.

For me, one of the best highlights of JerseyFest is a VERY large modeling contest and displays they have every year.  They also welcome the various aspects of the modeling hobby from miniatures to garage kits equally.  If you do not want to compete in the contest, they also allow you to bring your models, show them off and not have them included in judging.  I wasn’t competing but could still show off my models, so I think that this is an awesome option to have.

I took a lot of pictures, and there is no way they would even come close to fitting in this post, so here is a link to the gallery.   I regret that I missed a big section of the contest as apparently my phone lies about storing pictures when the battery is low.  But, I still got a lot of pictures of the classes, vendors hall and contest entries!






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