Miniature Demo At WonderFest 2017

I will be presenting a demo/lecture on the basics of miniature painting at WonderFest.  They have excellent projection screens and video, so everyone can get a good view of the demo without having to get our of their chairs!  This is tentatively scheduled for 3-4pm on Saturday, the final confirmed time will be in the pocket guide and demo schedule at the convention. 

I am also sponsoring a “Best Miniature” award for WonderFest’s Amazing Modeling Contest.  This will consist of a beautiful trophy as well as $150.00 in awesome Morland Studios kits.  If you are attending, bring those minatures and place them in the contest!

Additionally, I am sponsoring a “Best Little Hottie” (best small scale entry) award for the Naked Resin Attack after hours modeling contest. 

More info on WonderFest can be found here:

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